Ohlins Fork Spring Kit for HONDA CRF 300L RALLY 2021-

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300L Note!

The new 300 specs indicate some minor differences in the suspension compared to the 250's.  We're not sure what Ohlins has planned at this time.  They may conclude that the 250 parts are suitable or they may release new 300 specific part numbers once they have had a chance to get their hands on one. For availability, enter your email address in the form below and we will notify you once we have stock. 

The single biggest complaint from CRF 300L and Rally owners is that the suspension is sprung way too light and the damping is inadequate. The bike seems to be set up for a 100-pound beginner rider- Here's how to fix that.  A heavier spring or adjusting the pre-load will not resolve the issue. 

Front Fork kit fits 2021 CRF 300L & Rally/Rally ABS $249 
The Fork kit comes with 2 springs, one light spring for riders up to 175 lbs and one stiffer for 175+ riders. The kit also includes billet fork caps with integrated air bleeders to allow easy air bleed and keep your suspension nice and plush!

 PLEASE NOTE!  The CRF 300L and Rally models only have 1 fork spring and it is housed inside the right fork leg. Also, there is a single aluminum spring spacer included in the Ohlins fork spring kit, it is used on the standard 300L and goes on top of the right spring. It is not used on the Rally. This is covered in the provided instructions, but folks are overlooking it.   

The CRF 300L Rally Recommended Fork oil volume 
(Use a good quality 10 wt. fluid for best results) Ohlins fluid is available here on our site. 
Model                      Damping Leg (right side)        Spring Leg (left side)
CRF250/300 Rally            670 cc                                 600 cc

PS- If you are installing the kit yourself, PLEASE NOTE! 

The kit comes with great instructions and there is an installation video below.  
We recently installed the kits on our Rally’s and noted 3 things that are sort of glossed over in the instructions.  
1-- To remove the fork spring, you need to remove a steel retaining clip located inside the fork tube at the top of the spring. It takes 2 people to do this. One to use a flat blade screwdriver or similar tool to depress the spring a bit while the other person uses a dental pick or similar tool to pull the retainer clip out of the groove. There's not a lot of preload on the spring, so it's not dangerous, it's just a tight space that requires 3- 4 hands! :-) 
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Ohlins Fork Spring Kit for HONDA CRF 250L RALLY 2017-2020
Ohlins Fork Spring Kit for HONDA CRF 250L RALLY 2017-2020
Ohlins Fork Spring Kit for HONDA CRF 250L RALLY 2017-2020
Ohlins Fork Spring Kit for HONDA CRF 250L RALLY 2017-2020

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