Do-It-Yourself Plug & Play Accessory Lead HONDA CRF 250L/300L & Rally


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HONDA was nice enough to include a handy 10 AMP* switched accessory lead that is clipped inside the left front fairing on the 2017-2020 CRF 250L Rally models. The 2017-2022 CRF 250L/300L and Rally's accessory connector is located behind the headlamp on the right side.  It is located inside a small black vinyl protective boot.  However, HONDA has yet to release an accessory lead to plug into it! So we picked up the ball and sourced the correct original HONDA waterproof connectors and built it. Leads are 18" long and allow for safe routing, following the factory harness routing to the instrument cluster area or handlebars to connect to your accessory.  

Our plug-and-play accessory lead is easy to install,  just unclip the stock connector cap, connect this lead and attach to your accessory with the included posi lock quick connectors! Posi Lock instructions are included in each kit.  

Kit includes 18" 2 circuit lead (18 gauge red 12V+ and Black ground) terminated with Posi Lock connectors with abrasion sheath and 2 black zip ties for secure installation.  Posi-Lock® Connectors have been put to the test worldwide since 1997. Superior in-line splices with just hand tightening! These electrical connectors require no crimping or soldering.  An electrical connector that meets the needs of today's OEM's, and is so good, it's reusable. Truly a connector for the 21st century.  

Easily installed in about 10 minutes with common hand tools. No modifications or cutting of any wires required. Detailed instructions with photos are included. 

Details on the Rally connector location below. 

Details on the 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L accessory connector location below.  (it's in a vinyl protective boot behind and below the right side of the headlight. 

The view below is from the right side of the bike looking upwards from the ara near the right side reflector.  


 This is a 10 AMP Switched circuit, which means it is turned off and on by the bikes ignition switch.

Here's a shortlist of the average current draw for popular accessories:

  • Heated Grips 3-5 AMPS
  • USB Phone Charger 1-2 AMPS
  • Heated Gloves 3 AMPS
  • Heated Jacket 8 AMPS

Heated Pants 6 AMPS

WARNING: Most High output horns will draw too much amperage for this circuit. If you are planning to use a 12-volt compact air compressor, be sure to check it to make sure it does not draw more than 10 amps! Usually better to get a compressor that connects to your battery tender SAE connector and ensure it's got the proper capacity.

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Do-It-Yourself Plug & Play Accessory Lead HONDA CRF 250L & Rally 2017-2020
Do-It-Yourself Plug & Play Accessory Lead HONDA CRF 250L & Rally 2017-2020
Do-It-Yourself Plug & Play Accessory Lead HONDA CRF 250L & Rally 2017-2020