Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner - 12 ounces


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Work Hard. Clean Up Right. American Made.

Eagle Grit's industrial-strength hand cleaner starts with their micro-scrubbing formulas, created from scratch through their very own recipes. Then mass-produced in their warehouse, each batch is sent over to their distribution center in drums where each bottle is hand-pumped, labeled and packed. Case by case, day by day, truck by truck, Eagle Grit's passion-filled product makes its way down the roads like veins to the heart of the land.

All Natural:
  • Detergent based formula - no solvents or pumice.
  • Drain friendly product and recyclable container!
The Grit:
  • Removes virtually all substances, kills odor, moisturizes and repairs all without irritation.


Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner - 12 ounces
Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner - 12 ounces