LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally and 2021-2022 300L Rally


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MOTO STUFF LED Driving Light Upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF Rally 250L  and 2021-22 300L Rally 

When we read early reviews of the Rally, the stock LED headlights got some good praises, so we were looking forward to not having to do any lighting upgrades to our new bikes. However, after owning our bikes for a while and logging some night miles, it became clear that there is considerable room for improvement in the lighting department. The stock LED system is OK for around town, but if you are traveling back roads, the stock beam pattern is too narrow and short. And there is also a large dead area right in the middle of the pattern that is lacking illumination. To resolve the issue, we researched mounting options and began testing high-end lamps from PIAAA, RIGID, BAJA Designs and CYCLOPS over the past 6 months. The result of our testing is a plug and play kit that can easily be installed in about 10 minutes with common hand tools and requires no cutting into the electrical system. The MOTO STUFF DayLighter kit features the class-leading RIGID SR2 PRO LED driving lamp offering the best value and performance in our opinion.  

Our bracket system provides 4 hard mounting points on the Rally tower, so the lamp is securely mounted and will not move out of adjustment even in harsh off-road conditions. 

Easily installed in about an hour with common hand tools and no cutting of the wiring harness as it plugs directly into the Rally's accessory socket! 

Our wire harness uses high-end DEUTSCH waterproof connectors and takes advantage of the Rally's powered auxiliary port inside the left fairing for power. And as a bonus, we've integrated an additional auxiliary port into our harness, so you can add our 12 Volt socket or USB charging accessories. (the Rally auxiliary port is a switched 15 amp circuit. Our light upgrade requires 5 amps, so that leaves enough reserve to power a dual USB or 12-volt socket accessory)  We've also automated the switching by integrating a waterproof Hitachi micro-relay that is controlled by the Rally's semi-CANBUS controller, which automatically triggers the lamp to switch on when the high beam is selected. 

The SR-Series PRO | 6" LED Driving light used in our kit retails for $319 by itself. This is a popular lamp used by Adventure Motorcycle companies in their  BMW and KTM adventure bike premium lighting kits priced at between $600 and $700.

From the RIGID website-

The SR-Series is designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, these LED light bars can be used on virtually any vehicle or marine vessel. Along with being the highest output low profile light bar on the market today, the SR-Series is built to withstand the harshest of environments, on land or over water. Each LED light bar is manufactured from the highest grade materials available, including unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and Torture Tested housings, and a detailed manufacturing process ensures that each light is resistant to shock, vibration and water penetration for years of trouble-free use.

  • Patented Specter Optics
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  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
  • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
  • Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Integrated Thermal Management
  • Designed, Engineered, &
    Assembled in the USA
  • Watts: 69
  • Amp Draw: 4.93
  • LED's: 9
  • Raw Lumens: 7128
  • Lux @ 10m: 434.09
  • Beam Distance: 208.3 m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 43,409 cd
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C | -40°F to 158°F

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LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally
LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally
LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally
LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally
LED Driving Light upgrade for 2017-2020 HONDA CRF 250L Rally