Ohlins Fork Fluid - 1 Liter


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OHLINS No. 10 Fork Fluid Product Features:

  • Front fork oil
  • Viscosity 19,0 Centistokes at 40° (similar to SAE 20W)
  • 1 Liter

Note: 2 quarts/liters required to completely change the fluid

PLEASE NOTE!  The CRF 250L and Rally models only have 1 fork spring and it is housed inside the right fork leg. Also, there is a single aluminum spring spacer included in the Ohlins fork spring kit, it is used on the standard 250L and goes on top of the right spring. It is not used on the Rally. This is covered in the provided instructions, but folks are overlooking it.    

The CRF 250l & Rally Recommended Fork oil volume 
(Use a good quality 20 wt. fluid for best results)

Model                Damping Leg (right side)        Spring Leg (left side)

CRF250 Rally            670 cc                                 600 cc

CRF250 L                  680 cc                                 650 cc

Oil recommendation can be found in the detail information for each Öhlins product.

Öhlins has developed high-quality oils for its shock absorbers, forks, and cartridge kits. They include a range of fork oils which will increase the performance of original telescopic and upside-down forks. The forks on the CRF 250L & Rally use  OHINS No. 10 Fluid, part number 01314-01 

What distinguishes Öhlins fork oil from conventional oils is that it reduces friction, stays cleaner, has a long service life, and is highly resistant to foaming (known as cavitation). Together with the front fork springs from Öhlins, a considerable improvement in the responsiveness and performance of an original fork can be achieved. 

Available fork oil types are: The CRF 250L & Rally Uses Ohlins Fork oil with a viscosity of 40.0 centistokes at 40° Celsius (similar SAE 20 W)  part number 01314-01