Ohlins Heavy Duty Shock Spring 2017-2021 Honda CRF 250L RALLY & 300L RALLY


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The Ohlins STX46 Shock for 2017-2021 CRF 250L RALLY & 300L RALLY is equipped with a spring suited for 150-185 lb riders (68 - 84 kg) and offers precise rebound and damping control. 

This product is an extra heavy-duty spring for the CRF 250L Ohlins shock for 225-260lb riders  (109-122 kg)


If you are ordering this spring at the same time as the shock, we can install it for you for $85. please see the spring install labor part and add it to your cart. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, no heavier springs are available for the stock shock. Plus the stock shock rebound damping is way too light and that would make it unsafe to ride with a  stiffer spring (it could easily rebound you over the handlebars on certain types of bumps off-road), so the only proper solution is to upgrade the stock shock as the stock suspension is set up for a beginner 120 lb rider and is not adjustable.  It’s probably OK if you are just riding on the street with no cargo or passenger, but if you plan to go off-road at all the suspension will need to be upgraded. 

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Ohlins Heavy Duty Shock Spring 2017-2020 Honda CRF 250L RALLY
Ohlins Heavy Duty Shock Spring 2017-2020 Honda CRF 250L RALLY