Standard Height Side Stand/Kickstand Foot Enlarger ADV150


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Fits 2019-2023 Honda ADV150

  • Keeps your side stand from sinking into the soft ground & hot pavement! 

  • Don't find out the hard way why these are so popular! 

  • Don't come back to your parked bike to find it on its side after parking on hot pavement or loose soil!

This side stand extension offers a large contact surface (50% larger than stock) to improve the motorcycle’s parking footprint on rough surfaces and soft ground.  

  • Easily installed in just a few minutes with common hand tools. 
  • Made in high-quality Stainless Steel for long life
  • Laser-cut stainless steel with Inox hardware
  • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket center stands
  • Serrated face nuts help prevent loss from vibration

Product instructions located here

NOTE: Also available in a 12mm tall version for those of you that have raised the suspension a bit and are having issues with the bike leaning over too far when on the side stand. See this product on our website.

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ADV 150

Standard Height Side Stand/Kickstand Foot Enlarger ADV150
Standard Height Side Stand/Kickstand Foot Enlarger ADV150