Full Rack System+Gas Can for the CRF HONDA 250L & Rally


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SRC Designs Full Rack System with Gas Can for the 2013-2020 CRF HONDA 250L & Rally

This is the Adventure Rack System you want!

Innovative modular design made of high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy. (Entire rack only weighs 4.8 lbs! )

The SRC Designs Full Rack System includes left and right pannier racks, center tail rack, mounting hardware, and instructions (easily installed in about 30 minutes with common hand tools)

The Full Rack System + Gas Can features: 

Top rack surface is 14" long and 10" wide at the front, tapering rearward to 8-1/2" The side racks increase the top surface width to 16" wide

Side rack surface is APPROXIMATELY 8" wide and 10" tall

  • High-quality stainless steel mounting hardware, mounts using the existing steel subframe rack points (no drilling required)
  • Pre-Drilled for MOTO STUFF Fuel can quick-release mount. (Not compatible with ROTOPAX)
  • Rear Cross Brace for increased rigidity in event of the inevitable tip over.
  • Side racks and top rack feature strategically positioned strap slots for quick and secure attachment of most brands of soft luggage.
  • Center tail rack is nicely sized and shaped to fit the rear of the 2013-2020 250L & 2017-2020 Rally and provides a nice solid foundation for luggage, camping gear, etc. The aluminum rack (weighs just over a pound) mounts to the stock steel subframe points (where the stock strap bolts are located). 
  • Racks are powder-coated satin black for a long-lasting durable finish that looks great on the 250L and Rally!
  • Gas Can is a rugged 3l (.8 gallons) spare fuel container similar in design and function to the popular ROTOPAX cans, but shaped to fit inside the left rear SRC Pannier Rack.  Includes quick-release mount and hardware that easily attaches to the inside of the left SRC pannier rack, which is pre-drilled for this mount.
  • Not compatible with Yoshimura exhaust due to the side outlet design of the Yoshimura system

DOWNLOAD PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS HERE  NOTE: We recommend using blue thread locker on the fasteners.

Please Note: The CRF 250L/Rally specifications indicate a max subframe load of 35 lbs. We have been loading our racks with nearly 60 pounds of gear for the past 2 years and have put about 8,000 miles on our 2 Honda's over all types of terrain and we have not had any issues with the racks or subframe, but the more extreme your usage, it is something to be aware of and take into consideration. 

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    Full Rack System+Gas Can for the CRF HONDA 250L & Rally
    Full Rack System+Gas Can for the CRF HONDA 250L & Rally
    Full Rack System+Gas Can for the CRF HONDA 250L & Rally